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Audioguides in English

Since 2011, the MRM has had a modern Audio Guide system that provides the service of a guide, but without their physical presence, completely free of charge for users.

It is a personalized experience without access limitations, without time restrictions since each user manages the travel time of the different rooms, being able to go back or pause as many times as necessary and it is also available in English and Spanish.

The digital audio file considers a complete and detailed thematic narration, enriched with data, anecdotes and practical information. The Audio Guide comes in MP3 / WMA format and is divided into multiple tracks, each named according to the content topic, for easy access. The equipment is available at the main entrance to the Museum, and must be requested from the staff in charge.

Additionally, the audio tracks can be played from our website, downloading each of the tracks completely free of charge or using the QR Codes enabled in the different rooms to listen to them from your cell phone.

Audio guides Period Rooms

Audio guides for History Rooms