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Golden Room and Music

Golden  Room and Music
The Salon, or drawing room, is the most important in the house and is perhaps the most luxurious considering its decoration.

It was opened for important occasions to receive the city’s authorities, governors and important visitor, wich included many President of the Republic. It was also the centre of social and family life, being used in many occasions as an improvised theatre where plays were presented and dance performed.
All the furniture is French, made at the end of the 19 th century by great furniture makers, inspired by the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI.

The furniture displays fine wood carving and gold inlay. Also from France are the tapestries and silk brocade curtains. The bronze and crystal lamps so the influence of the epoch’s “Art Nouveau” with their curves and stylized flowers. In an adjoining room, the bust of Czar Nicholas II recalls that up to 1917 the house was the Consulate of the Russian Empire.

The painting show important portrait of the family: The Menendez Family group painted by Vàcha in Paris during the International Exposition in 1900; the owners of the home – Mauricio Braun and Josefina Menendez – The sister of Mauricio, Sara Braun de Nogueira.