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Hall Of The House

Hall Of The House
This central area gives access to the house and joins all the principal rooms in one architectural solution equivalent to the courtyard of Mediterranean houses. It is covered with panes of glass so as to adapt to the climate of the region. It serves as the anteroom for the Study, Billiard Room, Reception Room, Dining Room and Main Bedroom.

Its walls are painted with classical motifs that tone in with the exterior decoration. The ceiling fresco depicts the sky, accentuating the idea of an open courtyard.

The major part of the furniture is in Maple and styled in the English period of the 1900’s. Some of the most prominent objects are a pair of ancient Chinese ceramic jars and two bronzes, figures of fishermen, by the sculptor N. Kossowsky, a European artist of the end of the nineteenth century.

Presiding over the room is the portrait of Doña Josefina Menendez de Braun, the lady of the house, done by the Spanish painter Julio Romero de Torres (1880-1930), Torres was born in Cordoba and his paintings are displayed in the world’s best museums of art and art collections. In his native city there is a Museum dedicates to his tat displays the painting that made him famous; the portrait of the Andalusian woman with the dark eyes and skin.